The Difference Between Allergies and a Cold
By Prime Pediatrics
January 16, 2017
Category: Children's Health
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Colds and allergies have several symptoms in common, which can make it difficult to identify the differences between the two. When allergies and coldsyour children are experiencing symptoms, it can be especially challenging to figure out whether it’s a cold or allergies if they cannot clearly describe their symptoms. If you are unsure about your child’s symptoms, you can always check with a Gaithersburg, MD children’s doctor. At Prime Pediatrics, Dr. Farnoush Jamali can help you identify the difference between allergy and cold symptoms in your child.

Cold and Allergy Symptoms

Colds and allergies share several common symptoms. These include a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, coughing and fatigue. Since these symptoms can be experienced by individuals suffering from a cold or allergies, it isn’t always clear which one is the culprit. However, identifying any additional symptoms being experienced can help you determine if your child has a cold or allergy problems. Each one is associated with several symptoms that are not shared with the other.

While colds are caused by a virus, allergies are the result of the immune system’s response to various allergens, such as dust, pollen and pet dander. Allergy symptoms can persist indefinitely, with patients sometimes experiencing allergy symptoms for several weeks or months at a time. Colds, on the other hand, typically only last for one to two weeks before symptoms finally clear up.

In addition to the previously mentioned symptoms shared by colds and allergies, colds are also associated with a fever, body aches, chills and a scratchy or sore throat. Allergy symptoms include watery eyes, itchy eyes, wheezing, an itchy throat and itchy ears. It is important to understand the symptoms specific to colds and allergies so that you can properly treat whichever one your child is suffering from. Your Gaithersburg children’s doctor can assess your child’s symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment.

The difference between allergies and a cold is not always easy to identify as the two share many symptoms in common. At Prime Pediatrics, Dr. Jamali is your Gaithersburg children’s doctor and can determine whether your child has a cold or allergies. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jamali, contact Prime Pediatrics at (301) 977-2440.