Preventing Children's Sports Injuries And How We Can Help
By Prime Pediatrics
September 14, 2016
Category: Children's Health
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How your pediatrician in Gaithersburg can help

It’s important for your child to be active, but playing sports also puts your child at risk for sports injuries. You need to know what to do insports injuries case your child is injured. Dr. Farnoush Jamali at Prime Pediatrics in Gaithersburg, MD wants to help you protect your child from sports injuries.

Sports injuries are very common, and are a main reason for emergency room visits by children and their parents. To help prevent sports injuries, your child should remember to:

  • Do warm-up exercises and stretches before playing a sport
  • Wear appropriate protective gear including shin guards, padding and helmets
  • Follow the rules of the sport he or she is participating in
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after playing a sport

Your child’s bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons are still growing, creating changes in strength and coordination. All these factors can make your child more prone to sports injuries. Children also have different levels of stamina, with some growing fatigued faster than others, and playing while fatigued makes your child more prone to a sports injury.

Some sports injuries are minor, and can be treated at home. Overuse injuries including shin splints, Achilles tendonitis or tennis elbow respond well to:

  • Icing the affected area several times each day
  • Resting and avoiding use of the affected area for a short period
  • Wrapping the affected area for support and cushioning
  • Elevating the affected area for short periods

More serious sports injuries should be treated by your pediatrician in Gaithersburg. If your child has experienced trauma from an accident, a fall or twisting, these injuries can cause acute, severe pain. Acute injuries can include broken bones, sprained ligaments or strained muscles. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons advises acute injuries and overuse injuries which don’t respond to home care should be treated by a doctor.

Don't wait when it comes to your child’s sports injury, especially when help is just a phone call away. Call Dr. Jamali at Prime Pediatrics in Gaithersburg, MD and get some relief for your child. Call today!