Asthma is a common respiratory disease that leads to many children missing out in life, missing school days, and enduring hospital stays. Dr. Farnoush Jamali, Dr. Hanieh Jafarieh, and our team at Prime Pediatrics in Gaithersburg, serving Rockville and Germantown, MD, are committed to helping children live fuller lives, despite this condition.

Asthma in Children

Asthma is a chronic respiratory issue that occurs when specific triggers cause inflammation in the airways and lungs, making it difficult to breathe. These triggers can vary but often include things such as animals, pollen, smoke, changes in the weather, and physical activity.

Sadly, millions of children live with asthma and its effects every day. It can prevent them from playing at school or participating in sports. It might also cause trouble sleeping and can be a very dangerous issue to deal with.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition at this time. However, it can be managed and treated successfully, allowing your child to live a more normal and active life.  

Signs and Symptoms

Recognizing the signs of asthma is critical, as it is the first step in seeking help. Common symptoms include:

  • Coughing or trouble breathing when they are active
  • Difficulty sleeping due to coughing or wheezing
  • Complaining of tightness in the chest
  • Making whistling or wheezing sounds when they breathe out
  • Constantly suffering from cold symptoms
  • Rapid breathing when there seems to be no reason for it

How Is It Diagnosed?

Symptoms of asthma can often be mistaken. Infections, seasonal allergies, and even acid reflux can create some of the same issues. Receiving an accurate diagnosis is crucial to ensuring proper treatment. A diagnosis can be determined through lung functioning tests, imaging tests, physical examinations, allergy testing, personal and family medical history, and more.  

How Our Team Can Help

As this condition is not the exact same in every child, there is no single method that can successfully treat each case. Instead, it will require a customized care plan that typically includes identifying and avoiding triggers, preventative medication, and rescue medication. Dr. Jamali and Dr. Jafarieh at Prime Pediatrics in Gaithersburg, MD, will work with you and your child to create the most effective plan for their unique needs.  

If you suspect your child might be suffering from asthma, visit Dr. Jamali and Dr. Jafarieh at Prime Pediatrics in Gaithersburg, serving Rockville and Germantown, MD, for a diagnosis and customized treatment plan. Call (301) 977-2440 to schedule an appointment today. 

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