Choosing the Best Pediatrician for Your Child

The health of your little one is so important and it’s important that your pediatrician understands this, too!

The moment your child is born everything changes. Now all of your time and focus goes into this adorable little being that you want to pediatricianmake sure stays healthy and grows up strong. So it seems rather obvious that your child will need a pediatrician that they can trust. But how do you choose the right doctor for your child?

A pediatrician is a doctor that has specialized training in the health and wellness of children from birth to 21 years old. The American Academy of Pediatrics can help you find a board-certified pediatrician like Dr. Jamali that serves the Gaithersburg community and can provide your child with the medical care they need throughout their childhood.

Once you schedule an appointment, the first visit will be all about establishing rapport with both you and your child. It’s important that during this visit you ask whatever questions you may have so that you know your child is always getting the best care possible. Here are some key questions to ask both your potential pediatrician to decide whether we are right for you:

  • What medical school did Dr. Jamali attend? What was her postgraduate and residency training?
  • Is our Gaithersburg pediatric office easily accessible for your needs either by car or by public transportation?
  • Is our office hours suitable to you and your child’s schedule? (We offer appointments on most days up to about 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. and we can also offer Saturdays for urgent visits).
  • How quickly will the doctor call me back if there is a non-life threatening medical emergency?
  • Do the doctors and staff make your visit comfortable and professional while also providing your child with compassionate, unique care that isn’t rushed?
  • How easily can you make appointments on short notice for sore throats, ear infections, etc.?
  • Do we take your health insurance and how much of the visits will you be responsible for?

There are so many questions to ask and it can feel rather overwhelming at times, but you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your Gaithersburg, MD children’s doctor is here to answer any and all questions you have. We know choosing a pediatrician is important, so anything we can do to make your first visit a bit easier just let us know. If you are ready to schedule your child’s first visit turn to Prime Pediatrics in Gaithersburg today!

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