How to Protect Your Child from the Sun?

What to do for your child this summer

Children love the summer. It’s a great time for children to go out and play in the sun, but they need to be protected Dr. Farnoush Jamali at Prime Pediatrics, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, wants you to know all about how to protect your child this summer.Children's Health

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has suggestions to protect your child’s skin from sunburn.

Remember to:

  • Apply sunscreen to your child’s skin, especially the ears, nose, lips and tops of your child’s feet. Use at least SPF 15 sunscreen.
  • Bring sunglasses for your child to wear; they will protect your child’s eyes from dangerous UV rays. Buy a pair that wrap around and block as much UVA and UVB rays as possible.
  • Bring along a long-sleeved shirt and long pants for your child if you plan on being in the sun for a long period of time.
  • Bring a hat for your child that shades the face, scalp, ears, and neck.
  • Try to stay in the shade during the middle of the day when the UV rays are the most damaging. Bring along an umbrella or pop-up tent or spend time under the shade of a tree.

Dr. Jamali wants you to remember to guard against mosquitoes by using an insect repellent if your child goes outside. Mosquitoes carry serious diseases like West Nile Virus.

If your child plays on the playground, Dr. Jamali wants you to check the playground and make sure the area is safe and free of damage. Beware of metal slides, which can become scalding hot in summer.

It’s time for you and your child to go have fun in the sun, but stay safe and protected! If your child suffers a heat-related illness or you just want to find out more about how to protect your child in summer, call Dr. Farnoush Jamali at Prime Pediatrics, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Call today and go out and have fun!

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