May: Physical Fitness and Sports Month

It's that time of year again when an entire month is focused on the benefits and necessity of physical fitness. Everybody should challenge himself or herself to do something that gets their heart racing and breaks a sweat! Not to mention, this is a wonderful opportunity to get the entire family involved in physical activity. As children are winding down another great school year, what a terrific time to think of fun physical activities for them (and you!) to do throughout the summer months. It's time to turn off the tv and put away the computer and challenge your body!
Neighborhood Kick Ball
Get your entire neighborhood involved in a weekly game of kick ball. What a fun way for children and parents to get outside and have some fun. You can even go the extra mile and have fun competitions and tournaments to keep everybody interested. Not only will you have a great time with family and friends, but you are sure to get in some great exercise.
Just Add Water
Some kids really don't like "working out" so do something physical that doesn't seem like work! Most kids love water. Slip-n-Slides, pools, sprinklers--all of it can be used to get kids outside to have fun and exercise. They won't even know they are breaking a sweat as they splash around for hours! Don't forget to invest in some good sunscreen.
Walking is a low-impact, yet important part of physical activity. Make it a habit to go on walks after dinner or maybe even opt to walk to a store rather than drive your car. It's a great way to wind down and burn a few calories. Not to mention, walking can really reduce stress. A step counter is a great way to get younger children excited about walking. Give them a goal of a certain number of steps and you'll be amazed and how much they work to achieve it.
Many children love to ride bikes. Take advantage of this! Bike riding is a fun way to get your body working. Again, this is another fun thing for kids to do that doesn't really seem like working out. Have fun and spice it up with bike races! Kids love a little friendly competition.
There are a ton of things you can do to get you and your child running. Play tag, touch football, or even regular races. Overall, children have a lot of energy. What better way to blow off some steam than to run it all out?
Children naturally want to be active. Sometimes, just like adults, children can really zone out to the countless screens that are readily available. However, if you make a commitment to get outside and get some exercise, your child will follow suit. Plus, doing something is so much better than doing nothing! This is a great time to spend with family and even get other people involved in physical activity. Remember, physical activity can be a lot of fun--go play!

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