Choosing Us as Your Children’s Doctor

A Prime Option for a Gaithersburg Doctor for Your Child

At Prime Pediatrics, Dr. Farnoush Jamali and her team have a dedication to children's care. As a children's doctor in Gaithersburg, MD, our practitioner has an extensive educational background in children's care, and a great deal of experience handling kids with various dispositions. And that's only part of what makes us unique.

Our Experience

As noted above, our children's doctor has specialized training in pediatrics. She's a board-certified pediatrician, showing she went the extra mile to demonstrate her knowledge in this medical specialty. Not to mention, our doctor has been in practice for a while and serving Gaithersburg, MD, proudly the whole time. 

Compassion and Dedication Makes All the Difference

When you choose us, you'll see that our practitioner's compassion is what makes all the difference to both children and parents. When you visit us, you'll see that we genuinely care, which gives parents peace of mind. It also puts kids' minds at ease because, whether a child is sick or well, they walk out of our office with a smile on their faces.

Giving the Patients and Their Families the Time They Need

Time is something that parents want for their children when they visit us. They want a practitioner to spend more than a few minutes talking about their child's health. And that's just what we do. We give children and their families the time they need and deserve. If either the child or parent has questions, we take our time to answer in an understandable way and make sure we answer the question thoroughly.  

Our goal is to never make a child or family feel as though they didn't get enough time with our physician, and they were rushed out the door, just for the physician to see another patient. Each patient matters, and she shows them that with the time we spend. 

Making the Experience Positive for Kids and Families

The doctor's office can be a nerve-wracking experience for a child. It may even be a place that scares a child. We make sure that's not what happens here. While we have a professional conversation with parents, we change our tone and speak to children in a way that's understandable and comforting for them. It's one step we take that makes this a pleasant experience for a kid. 

By choosing Prime Pediatrics' Dr. Jamali for your children's doctor in Gaithersburg, MD, you'll have a pediatrician you can count on when your child is healthy and those times when your child isn't so healthy. We're here when you need us. 

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